Of late, American distance running is going through bit of an identity crisis spawned from the fact that the athletes participating seemingly have no identity.  When the best track athletes graduate from college and sign endorsement contracts, they join a team that in many cases spans the globe. While an endorsement deal is a momentous… Read More

Asics recently rolled out their revamped 33 collection, now dubbed Natural33. If you haven’t tried out any of the shoes in the newest coming of the line, we highly recommend that you do. The shoes feel fantastic, giving you a sense of responsiveness and bounciness that really boosts your run. In the past, the 33… Read More

There’s no denying that Saucony’s Cortana is a little bit of an oddity. Maximum cushioning, plush features, a 4mm offset and a lightweight design – typically not things you would see in the same description. The fact that the Cortana sits in its own category, though, doesn’t mean that the shoe hasn’t gained traction amongst… Read More

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